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I met the art of Claudio di Costanzo on the occasion of an artistic representation organized by Unire nell'Arte. It was held in the courtyard of a historic building, as well as a house museum, in the center of Milan. Only two works on display and an impromptu work.

After the event I went to meet Claudio and then I searched the net for information on his activity. In addition to enjoying the pleasantness of his paintings that deal with various genres and subjects with sincerity and delicacy, I was happy to have seen the artist in the moment of creating a painting with purple flowers on a black and white background.

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Anyone will be able to appreciate the veracity of the lights, of Mediterranean inspiration, which characterize the paintings published online or by visiting its exhibitions, but the fact of having directly observed the pictorial material spread on the canvas allowed me to read a note of professional honesty and artistic that comes from innate talent and craft.

Claudio is in fact an artist, an interpreter of the various genres he deals with, extremely capable, capable of mixing light and colors with technical competence according to a peculiar instinct. Behind the talent is the craft that transforms the chromatic mixture into a thousand vibrations of light. His palette, I realized by observing the ex tempore, is able to give us the light and atmosphere of a glimpse of the city or a landscape, just as much as the ‘presence’ of a still life or the spirit of a portrait subject.

Vibrant light and tonal sensitivity to translate atmospheres, emotions, moods onto canvas, this is for me the art of Claudio di Costanzo, a capable painter of great interpretative sincerity.

Patrizia Iorio
Art Historian

We still like the canvas xSfilata in Piazza San Marco in Veneziax, lxartista took foreground young women wearing clothes from the fabric end and of great value and left the background a city made only a few strokes and a handful of color. Maybe CXE contrast in this great existential truth of our time which leaves too much space allxapparenza beautiful and shiny and really miss a more anonymous, but is more true than that of the hard daily life, humble and hidden as the houses inhabited by common people who are confused behind these creatures young and beautiful symbol of a world of paper and illusions.

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But lxartista is also a man by the great silence as the canvas for xUliveto Nicoterax suggestive look of nature, majestic and solemn as the gnarled trunk lxalbero occupying the foreground of the canvas. It invites us to meditate here in a land of silence that always seems forgotten in his grief and his fatigue, but that has not lost lxantica pride and strength of a people who never gives up, and looking away, you lose nellxazzurro a sky above it all.

M. Battaglia

A few years ago, coming out of the umpteenth exhibition of some famous painter, I walked home thinking that I have "reviewed the paintings of this very famous artist too, but deep down I still lack the new emotions of discovery and amazement in art. visual ".

I had entered a street where there was a large outdoor exhibition of various artists and I was approaching the precise point of light, which gathered the bright, warm and reassuring paintings.

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I was happy to discover a true Italian artist who welcomed the public with his warm and sunny colors!

I immediately ordered a painting by this artist for me, and he, after some time, became the founding member of our “Organization of the artistic-cultural category Unire nell’Arte”.

Claudio Di Costanzo and his splendid wife conquered me with their Humanity and truth of the United and simple family.

I believe that in the simplicity of immediacy, generosity, honesty and example, one grows faster than hearing long vague speeches.

Claudio Di Costanzo and his wife supported the birth of our “Unire nell’Arte” and, as often happens when dealing with people of great heart, they gave the picture of ‘Union of artists’ to our, at the time unknown, organization of direct promotion, founded for the international enhancement of artists and exponents of culture of all ages and nationalities.

A great artist said “to those who tell you: do not trust your eyes, remember to do the opposite and trust only your eyes!”

I smiled at the memory of these words, remembering some artist who, showing some of his paintings, wanted to convince me of something that could only be found in those paintings using a strong imagination …

As a foreigner who loves Italy, I discovered in Claudio Dì Costanzo’s paintings the ‘my Italy’ that I saw and dreamed of in the postcards of my childhood.

I confess that for me Claudio Di Costanzo, our founding partner of Unire nell’Arte, is the poet of Italianness!

Thanks to Claudio and Michela for their love for “Unire nell’Arte”, for the support of young artists who deserve to be valued and discovered, being the sons and daughters of wonderful, simple and united families, like the Di Costanzo family. that I love and bless.

Anna Angela Lapshina
"Organizzazione di categoria artistico-culturale Unire nell'Arte" President

I’m a founding member of the Organization of the artistic-cultural category Unire nell’Arte so I promote the social value of art and culture