Claudio DiCostanzo

Contemporary Painter and Artist

Claudio Di Costanzo was born in Naples 26/10/1951, lives and works in Legnano (MI), via Pastrengo.

The impact of the painting is looking towards the 10 years the works of Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo, published an encyclopedia. Even then the little Claudio had decided to become a great painter.

After high school and not having the opportunity to attend the School of Arts, for the hardship that his father’s death causes the family began to attend the prestigious studies and estimated Neapolitan painters like Sylvester Tavoletta that reveals the secrets of landscape painting and prof. Caputo, who introduced him to the representation of figures.

The city of Naples is a mine of tips art is the young Claudio knows to capitalize on everything he sees and masterpieces preserved in museums and art galleries. When he starts to participate in the first exhibition is able to obtain just satisfaction awards from local critics who speak of him as a future promise.

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I’m a founding member of the Organization of the artistic-cultural category Unire nell’Arte so I promote the social value of art and culture